Apple Watch App

A diminutive powerhouse

At hD, we live by Trello – a super-simple, visual platform for task assignments and completion. We juggle multiple projects and global teams on Trello and have been huge evangelizers of the product (just ask our customers who we’ve transformed into raving fans). Concurrently, our other passion is Apple products.

So when we heard of the introduction of the Apple Watch, our immediate reaction was – “What can we build for this device?”, followed by – “How soon can we get our hands on one?”

We decided to merge our twin obsessions by building a watch app for Trello, and given the smaller form-factor and reduced functionality, the app was nick-named Trellito.

Working within a limited form-factor posed a huge challenge. We had to strip the functionality down to the essentials, while also understanding the context in which the user would use the watch app. Clearly adding new boards or cards was out, given that there isn’t a way to enter long form information.

So, we decided to focus on notification. Each time a card assigned to the individual was added or modified, the individual could choose to be notified on Trellito. They could then take appropriate action – change the status of the card or archive it. The matching mobile app, allows the user to set appropriate thresholds for notifications.

Trellito is our first foray into wearables. With a projected 6 Billion connected objects but 2018, we are betting that it won’t be our last.