A Bot that connects WorkFront to Slack

Who’s that ‘Kel’?
Kelasa, meaning “work”, is the friendly bot that integrates your WorkFront projects with Slack, so you are up to date on project notifications. If you prefer not to be interrupted with tons of dings, bings or pings, Kel can schedule a digest for you to view later. Kel will also help you manage your tasks, check out what you’ve been assigned, update a task status, view and comment on issues and add time to your items, all on Slack.
Why check your e-mail? Do your “kelasa” right in Slack.

Being native Slack’ers’ and newly established WorkFront partners, we are constantly interacting between the two interfaces. So one day, we thought of a brilliant idea.
What if you could connect the two? Well my friends, you’re in luck.
Kelasa is here to save the day! Our bot Kel was created to make your project work flow between Slack and WorkFront, easy, simple and un-interrupted.
How your work flow should always be.

The bot that keeps your work-flow between Slack and WorkFront
seamless, simple and un-interrupted.
Kelasa is in private Beta right now so click below to recieve a notification when it goes live!