Mobile, Just in Time, video-based Training

What would you want to know if you were starting over? This was the question that the Maintenance department of a Fortune 500 manufacturing company asked a veteran electrician. Based on his response, they went about meticulously creating a series of videos that walked through rare and complex tasks, step-by-step.

The goal, of course, was to reduce machine downtime – anathema to any manufacturing organization.

After creating a comprehensive mobile strategy for the company, this is the first implementation challenge that we tackled.  Since mechanics and electricians are mobile and need to have their hands free, we designed and developed a tablet -based app – iFixVideos.  Further, we mimicked the You Tube user experience (amply familiar to millennials) to fulfill the need-based training approach.  By automatically linking to their trouble ticketing service, we serve up videos for the machine they are going to work on (in addition to searching for specific videos in multiple ways).

iFixVideos has been embraced by new and veteran electricians.
Next steps are to expand to the Mechanics on the shop-floor. Reacting to the warm reception of iFixVideos, management is planning apps for Quality and Safety.