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Creating a mobile app with React JS

The Bridal Bible is an app to help make wedding planning for Bridal Parties easy, simple and stress-free. The design of the appĀ is super user friendly making communication with your girls easy as cake. Some of the features included in the app are a Synced Group Calendar, Instant messenger, Budget Tracker and Checklist.

So no more mass e-mail chains, Facebook pages and hard to follow group texts. The Bridal Bible is here to keep your bridal party communication #flawless. The app is essential for staying organized and to keep all of your planning and communication in one place, available at any time.

The Bridal Bible was created for two reasons. One, the professional need to test the app
developement software, React JS, and two, a personal involvement with lots of weddings!
As everyone is well aware, planning for weddings is not an easy, stress-free task. It seems
to be even more stressful when you are invited to be apart of the Bridal Party. Well, to make the process a little easier, The Bridal Bible was created. The Bridal Bible will help you keep all of your wedding details and to-dos in one place, acccessible at any time.

Make your wedding planning smarter with The Bridal Bible.
Coming soon to the app store.