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Customer Service

Are FAQs the reward for customer loyalty?

Why reward your most loyal customers by sending them to a page full of FAQs or joining a customer forum full of unanswered questions. Hold their hand through their question or problem by using a chatbot. Natural language processing helps the bot understand the customer’s intent and respond in a way that feels real and helps them
make progress. The customer can always choose to chat with a live person or, the chatbot can decide to switch
to a live person, if it is unable to process the user’s request.


Chatbots can help narrow e-commerce solutions for faster narrowing of options and check-out. Facebook users will be able to search through your catalog and complete e-commerce transactions right on Facebook Messenger.


Internal Processes

Get rid of the time e-mail reminders from your project manager. Project Management tasks such as status updates,
tracking time, notifying and tracking issues etc, are an interruption that most hard-working employees hate. Let them
continue to do their best work and use a nimble chatbot on Slack or Skype to track project management related
activities. Your Project Management tool can remain the system of record, while your employees check off their tasks.

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